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Fusion stick

“Fusion stick is a very simple and light device, with very diverse performance capabilities, is one of the specialized tools of Fusion Fitness sport.
The emphasis of this style has always been on reducing limitations and not being dependent on complex or expensive tools and devices; And this device is a clear example of this goal along with a world of extensive and diverse body weight training exercises in Fusion Fitness.
A low-weight piece of wood, with which training has become a unique method in the world of fitness.
The invention of the Fusion Stick exercise by master Hamid Reza Masoumi, the founder of the New World Fusion, and the founder of the UFSA Union, caused double motivation and a lot of energy among the fans of this discipline.
Performing movements with this device includes a world of martial arts, fitness and corrective movements, rhythmically and in regular chains;And despite the need for training and skills training to use it, its exercises are designed so that the general public can use it with minimal training and enjoy the benefits and results.”

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