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One of the great parts of Fusion Fitness is the weight training exercises in the Fusion Flow model.
In this part of the training, various power and Plyometric movements and dynamic balance in the correct physiological angles are used in a unique way that puts pressure and tension on all the muscles of the body and leads them to more growth and quality.

Sometimes some of our companions compare fusion flow with some other movements in different sport fields which are more likely demonstrative and acrobatic.
They face some misconceptions in their definitions of fusion flow. We are concisely mentioning some points:
One of the main distinction in fusion flow is that we use strength workouts such as plyometrics and balanced dynamics exclusively in right physiologic way. And also the movements are all controlled,safe, and by the passage of sufficient time muscles will experience effective pressure and tension.

From other distinctions
Avoiding twisted and improper circulation of joints

Avoid joint injury and drained muscles

Optimal usage of gravity in order to increase neuromuscular coordination and

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