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Fusion Fitness is a varied, attractive and lively sport, designed for enhancing the physical readiness for both men and women, and popularizing sports in community.
It is a unique combination of body preparation methods and special skills.
Fusion Fitness sportsmen reach desired weight, body form and size in addition to enhanced motor skills and performance.
This means that regardless of your physical readiness level and bodily build, you can participate in fusion fitness practices, benefiting from its myriad of advantages.
Objectives of the fusion fitness practice
1. Enhancing the physical readiness of athletes
2. Providing standardized, advanced activity programs befitting different age groups
3. Maintenance of the motivation and spirit of athletes due to the diversity of workout methods
4. Creation of an energetic, lively atmosphere
5. Enhancing general physical capabilities
6. Highlighting the actual moral values among athletes
7. Publicizing sports in society and the promotion of sporting spirit and culture among various casts of people
Types of fusion fitness workouts

There are a variety of workouts and exercises in fusion fitness such as the following:
– Fusion kickboxing (rhythmic, technical)
– Fusion crunch (for burning fat)
– Fusion balance (balancing-power)
– Fusion paramilitary (high-pressure combinational)
– Fusion flow (special power exercises using body weight)
– Fusion Stations (multi-type exercises)
– Fusion Stick and Fusion Tennis ball
– Working with various fitness tools without limitations
– And other varied sections.

Benefits of fusion fitness exercises (part 1):

– Reaching the desired weight and body form while enjoying the workout
– Enhancement of all physical readiness factors (and not just a part of them), including: speed, power, stamina, agility, neurological-muscular coordination, physical flexibility, concentration and reflexes
– Learning various skills via rhythmic and musical practices;
– Obtaining liveliness, energy and excitement through exciting, diverse exercises;
– Enhanced self-esteem through regular group exercises
– And many other benefits derived from attending these practices.

• Provide fast, effective workouts for people with busy schedules
• Offer new ways to exercise and continually improve your strength, fitness, and overall conditioning.

The Benefits of FUSION FITNESS: (part 2)

• Target a variety of aspects of fitness like strength, balance, stability, core strength, agility, endurance and more
• Combining moves from a variety of skills like Rhythtmic, Flow, Kickboxing, and more keeps your body and mind constantly challenged
• Keep you from getting bored
• Challenge your muscles in different ways

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