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Fusion Fitness is a rhythmic and joyful sport with a world of different exercises.
Exercise that has a positive effect on all muscles of the body and increases the overall strength of the body.
We have a variety of skills in this sport, such as martial arts (kickboxing), strength balance skills (flow and balance), rhythmic skills, and various exercises to reduce body fat and form and tighten muscles (crunch), working with simple training equipment such as fusion Stick, training with different balls, etc.
And several sections of special exercises for fitness fusion ..
That athletes, with their progress in different part, receive technical upgrades and their level goes up;
Everyone in the family, at any age, can enter Fusion Fitness, and ensure their health forever.

UFSA (Universal Fusion Sports Alliance) is alliance for supporting member of countries execute training coaching and course, competition, conference, recreation training camps, exhibition and sport media production.

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